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  • When can I start Pointe Work?

    When can I start Pointe Work? We often have students that are desperate to start pointe work, especially if their friends are already en pointe.  There really is no advantage to starting early and a lot of advantages to carefully taking your time.  Safety and being able to dance injury free for the long term is absolutely my first priority. As soon as your daughter is ready, she will be [...]

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    Core Strength for Little Kids

    Everyone knows core strength is important. Advanced dancers know that it is absolutely vital to have superior core strength be able to perform multiple turns, balance in beautiful adages or even leap into the air with ease. A dancer performing a layout without superior strength in their core could land on their head. But who wants to do hundreds of crunches....ouch or hold planks forever (actually[...]

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    Are budget ballet shoes really a bargain?

    Are budget ballet shoes really a bargain? When I was a child getting new ballet shoes was a special occasion. I lived in outer suburban Melbourne and getting new ballet shoes, meant a trip into the city. That was something I did only a couple of times a year. Ballet shoe day and to see the Christmas windows at Myers. We would arrive at Martins Ballet Boutique, which at the time was a pokey [...]

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