• Ballet & Contemporary

    Ballet is the favourite subject at Dancehouse. The basic concepts should be all established and now the fun really begins!  We begin learning slow moving adage sequences that require grace and balance, learn to spin in controlled pirouettes and begin learning a variety of different and challenging jumps. We'll also be studying traditional ballets and may even learn some famous variations.
    In Topaz classes, we'll also introduce you to contemporary dance, whilst still very much requiring ballet technique, it is a freer way of moving. Contemporary dance is your chance to explore your creativity, by taking a theme or concept and exploring how you can move to tell the story.  Improvisation is an important part of a contemporary dance and students need to learn to "let go" and be confident with their own interpretation of the music and the theme.  
    Students taking the Conditioning for Ballet class, will be introduced to exercises from PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique), to improve their strength turnout and flexibility for ballet.  
  • Aerials


    This year we will be offering both Aerial Silks and Aerial Lyra classes. *Build Strength *Develop Flexibility *Improve Balance and *Be Fearless. 

    Small group classes with individual and safe hands-on instruction.  Times will be assigned to groups of aerial dancers with similar experience once enrolments are received.  

  • Jazz & Tap

    Introducing our Performing Arts classes a combination of Jazz and Tap.  The ATOD Jazz Moves classes will increase stamina with challenging cardio routines, develop strength and improve flexibility. You'll learn turning variations, conquer energetic leaps and fabulous dance routines. Wow! Bring your energy to this class.  
    Although not compulsory, ballet training will enable jazz students to reach a much higher standard of technique in their Jazz Turns and Leaps.
    We make music with our feet with the fabulous Tapatak Oz rhythms. Tapatak Oz is a uniquely Australian system of tap dance training, where you are encouraged to have fun and add your own creative percussive touches and improvised introductions.   The set work becomes more challenging as the rhythms become more complex and the steps just keep getting faster and faster and faster.
    A great way to build confidence!
  • Dance Class Tuition10 wk Terms Trials
    60 minute classes$210 $22
    75 minute classes$240 $25
    90 minute classes$270 $28
    Conditioning for Ballet $120
    Annual Registration Fee$35
  • Discounts per Family
    Take 3 classes per week 10% discount on all classes
    Take 4 or more classes 10% discount on the first 3 then 20% discount on the rest
    Early Bird Discount*Pay in advance by Semester (2 Terms) additional 10% discount
  • Did you know - there's NO additional charges for concert costumes or rehearsals!
  • All Inclusive Pricing includes: your dance class tuition, all concert  performance rehearsals, costume hire for the Dancehouse concert and costume hire for any Dancehouse community performances, access to the concert performance videos. Term fees are pro-rated, for those students that commence mid-term.

    The Registration Fee covers: administration, music royalty fees and a beautiful medal for all concert participants.

    Term Fees are due by payable by the end of the first week of each Term.  There are no refunds for missed classes, so make sure you come to all your classes.

    Trial Classes If there is space in a class it is possible to do a trial class for a casual fee.  However, since it takes about 5 classes to really know if the class is right for you, I suggest you just enrol for a Term.

    *Early Bird Discounts apply to those tuition fees paid by in full, by bank deposit, prior to the start of each Semester 20 Weeks.

    Dancehouse Policies  Be sure to check our Policies to make sure we're on the same page.