• Dancehouse Policies

    All students are expected to be respectful and work to the best of their ability in their class. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated from students.

  • Updated 6th Jan 2023

  • All Inclusive Pricing

    All Inclusive Pricing includes: your dance class tuition, all concert  performance rehearsals, costume hire for the Dancehouse concert and costume hire for any Dancehouse community performances, access to the concert performance videos. 


  • Payment of Class Tuition

    Payment of Class Tuition. There are 39 weeks of dance classes in 2023. Invoices will be issued before the start of each Term, or Semester if you have requested a Semester account.

  • Covid Policy

    In the event of Dancehouse having to cancel classes; an alternate class will be offered or a credit issued.  However if classes are still be provided via Zoom or other digital platform, there will be no class refunds or credits issued.  

    If your child is unwell, whether it's covid, a head cold or the flu, please keep them home and do not send them to class.

  • Bluecards & Child Protection

    Dancehouse staff hold Bluecards for Working with Children.  A copy of our Risk Management Strategy for Child Protection is available in our office for any interested parents.

  • Photography & Copyright

    A copy of the photo disclaimer on the enrolment form.

    "When enrolling my child at Dancehouse I understand and agree that my child may be photographed or filmed during a Dancehouse class, rehearsal, eisteddfod, competition or Dancehouse performance by Dancehouse staff or their agents. And that my child’s image may be used in advertising material, print media or on the Dancehouse website, facebook page, private facebook group or instagram account. No names will be used without further permission".

    For your information: If taking photographs of children at Dancehouse (or anywhere else for that matter) you are required to have written permission from their parents. 

    In order to play a variety of music for dance classes we are required to pay music royalties to several different organisations. We are not permitted to make recordings of the set syllabus music, please do not ask us to. We can however, order a practice cd of the original music for Ballet, Tap or Contemporary

  • A Few Requests

    If your child is unwell or you cannot make it to class for some other reason, please call or text 0478921331.

    Please collect your child within 5 minutes of their class finishing. There is no-one available look out for children outside of their class hours. All children are instructed to wait for their parents inside the building, so please don't ask them to meet you on the other side of the road. They're precious, lets look after them.

  • Watching Classes

    Parents and friends are not able to watch regular classes or rehearsals in the studio as it is usually distracting for the students and the teacher. There are TV screens in the foyer where you will be able to see what is happening in the classes. 

  • Making Up Missed Classes

    If you want to be a fabulous dancer you need to come to all your classes. There are no refunds for missed classes. Sometimes it is unavoidable to miss a class or two and if you do and there is space in an alternate class within the same Term we're happy for you to do a make-up class. 

  • Private Lessons

    Private lessons may be available for technique development and final exam preparation. Generally lessons are 30 minutes long and there are times available straight after school, before our regular lessons begin. Lessons need to be booked and paid in advance. Price is $35 per 30 minute lesson.

  • Cyclone Policy

    If classes are cancelled due to a cyclone and alternate class times cannot be found, students will be given holiday workshops to make up for the cancelled classes.

  • Uniforms

    Please see the uniform page for pictures of all the Dancehouse uniform pieces. Wearing your Dancehouse uniform makes you part of the team. Feel like a dancer, stand taller and be part of the family. Available for purchase from the Dancehouse office.  At Dancehouse our dance class uniform and our exam uniform are one and the same

  • Exams

    Students at Dancehouse enter ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) exams. The ATOD examiners and their reports are very encouraging and positive. The exam fees are reasonable, which means many of our students take 3 or 4 exams every year.
    We request our exams during the first week of the September school holidays. (We don't always succeed in getting this date, but we try). This means students do not have to be taken out of school for dance and high school students have finished their school exams and can concentrate on their dancing.  
    Exams are optional for Levels 1, 2 & 3 Ballet, Jazz & Tap. And are compulsory to progress to the next level from Bronze Medal upwards in Ballet, Jazz & Tap and compulsory for all contemporary levels. Students spend a maximum of two years in each level.
    As much as I would like children to work to the best of their ability in each class, just because it is the right thing to do, they need a goal and working towards an exam can give them one.

  • Awards

    Students at Dancehouse will receive a medal after 5 years attendance and a trophy after 10 years attendance.  In order to receive your 5 year medal you must have attended 20 terms of dance classes and be currently enrolled at Dancehouse.   In order to receive your 10 year trophy you must have attended 40 terms of dance classes and be currently enrolled at Dancehouse.

  • Concert

    A child doesn't dream of coming to dance class to do exercises in class, they come to dance class because they believe that one day they will perform on stage and hear the cheers of the audience applauding. The theatre is where the magic happens, where little girls can become princesses, or ballerinas and little boys can be dragons or Kings. In fact they can become whatever the music inspires them to be and whatever their imagination conjures up.
    The concert is where the children showcase their talents and show you what they have learnt during the year. We try to make it as easy as possible for parents. Rehearsals are kept to a minimum and there's no costumes to make or sew.

    If our student numbers allow we will hold a low key show for the Little Ballerinas and Dance Club students, which is only short and more casual - to introduce the little ones to the stage. The students will show what they've learnt in class, wearing a costume, on stage in the theatre, with the addition of a couple of routines from the senior school, to inspire them.

    There is of course, a full production planned for the rest of the school. All concert costume and rehearsal costs are covered in your class tuition fees. But what if you don't want your child in the show - well then we're probably not the right dance studio for you.

  • Additional Concert Dances

    Our inclusive tuition fees cover alot of extras, including concert costume hire.  Dancers who start with Dancehouse mid year will be eligible to take part in the concert as normal.  However current students that increase their classes mid-year requiring additional concert costumes, will be asked to pay a costume hire fee for the additional costumes.

  • Costume Hire

    We often get the question "Can I borrow a costume for my school play/fancy dress party/ eisteddfod solo? No you can't borrow one - but they are available to hire for $55.00 per week.

  • Changing or Cancelling your Enrolment

    After your first month you can opt out of Dancehouse classes at any time with 14 days notice in writing.  You can use the form on this page or by send an email to info@dancehouse.net.au.  Make sure you check for a confirmation, to ensure your cancellation has been received.   

  • Change or Cancel your Enrolment