• Julie Barclay - Dancehouse Principal Teacher

    Julie's love of dance began a very long time ago when she trained in the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet, at a studio in Melbourne.  Her teacher Lorraine Blackbourn OAM, truly believed in teaching by encouragement and praise, and this was adopted by the many, many teachers she trained, including Julie.  Between Miss B's teaching philosophy and the première dancers of the day, dropping in to teach guest classes, Julie's dance training was truly inspirational, and so began a life filled with dance!

    Julie has previous professional dance experience in Cabaret and Television dancing in Australia, South East Asia and Japan, but has always believed teaching and passing on the love and joy of dance is so much more rewarding.  Julie completed her Associate, Associate Diploma and Licentiate teaching certificates with Cecchetti Ballet Australia and is now Affiliated with the ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing)

    After a move to Tropical North Queensland and driven by her desire to share her love of dance and all it's many benefits to the children of Cairns.  Julie opened Dancehouse on the Cairns Beaches in 1988, moving into her purpose built Smithfield dance studio shortly after.  Now 33 years later, Dancehouse is still going strong and Julie is still in the studio encouraging, guiding and teaching the love and joy of dance to the next generation of Cairns children.

    And when she thinks no-one is watching, you'll find her hanging upside down on the aerial silks.


    FUN FACTS about Miss Julie

    Her favourite colour is Teal Blue  - that's no surprise - look at the studio

    Julie's done 13 skydives - including one where her parachute didn't open completely, luckily she remembered her training and managed to get out of a sticky situation and land safely

    Julie won a body building competition at the age of 48.  There are photos....somewhere

    Julie was very excited to open the parcel containing her giant butterfly wings and she still gets a little over excited every time she wears them in class.  Seriously everyone needs a pair!

    Julie had a school project in Grade 4 where she had to name the 2 countries in the world she would most like to visit. She chose Egypt & Japan.  This school project really resonated with her and became her goal.  Julie came from a family that was not particularly affluent, she had no conceivable way of achieving her goal. However, by the age of 18 she was dancing in a show in Japan and at 21 she was on holiday and climbing up the inside of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

    Julie truly believes, you get what you focus on and you can absolutely make your dreams come true.  So make those dreams big ones!

  • Miss Kat


    Miss Kat's love of dance started at a very young age in sunny Perth. She participated in exams and even has a couple of Eisteddfod trophies hiding in her house somewhere. Her love of swimming then took over and it wasn't until her eldest daughter started dance that her passion was reignited... taking lessons from Miss Julie also! After years of hanging out at Dancehouse being a Dance Mum, Miss Kat has now started working for Miss Julie.

    FUN FACT about Miss Kat

    Miss Kat used to be an International Flight Attendant and has visited more then 25 countries!