• When can I start Pointe Work?

    We often have students that are desperate to start pointe work, especially if their friends are already en pointe.  There really is no advantage to starting early and a lot of advantages to carefully taking your time.  Safety and being able to dance injury free for the long term is absolutely my first priority. As soon as your daughter is ready, she will be invited to join the pointe class.


    * If you’re 10 years old and the best dancer in Australia your bones are still 10. You’re not ready for pointe work. Unless you have reached puberty, your bones have not reached their second ossification. Your bones are not yet strong enough for pointe work. 

    *Dancing enpointe can be painful however, if you prepare your feet properly, you can avoid blisters, bruised and ingrown toenails.

    *Pointe Shoes cost approximately $125 per pair and the humidity in North Queensland breaks them down quickly. You will need at least 2 pairs and up to 4 pairs per year.

    Miss Julie’s criteria for Pointe work

    Students must be at least 12 years old, show signs of puberty and have completed at least 3 years of ballet classes.

    Dancers must be taking 2 ballet classes and at least one other class weekly, with attendance being at 90% +

    All students must demonstrate strength in the stomach and lower back.  (your circus drills will show this) 

    It is preferable that students are assessed by a physiotherapist or podiatrist with a knowledge of dance and pointe work.

    Foot strengthening exercises will be taught during the first term.  You will learn the exercises in class and will need to complete the program at home on a daily basis.  When you pass all the included tests including the Balance Test and get your first pair of pointe shoes, you will be able to dance in them and not just teeter totter around the room.

    Balance Test

    Balance unsupported for 30 seconds in a releve devant on demi-pointe. This needs to be done, in a technically correct turned out position on both sides.

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