56 Cheviot Street Smithfield

    2 Dance Studios with sprung timber floors
    Non slip tarkett flooring in Studio One
    Ballet barres attached to the walls
    Full length studio mirrors
    Ceiling Fans & Air-Conditioning
    TV's to enable parents to view classes
    Change room for students
    Reception & Dancewear sales


  • Join us at Dancehouse, where we unlock the magic of movement through our diverse range of classes in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Tap, and Aerials.

    But dancing with us is more than just steps and routines; it's a journey towards personal growth and success. Our classes not only teach dance but also instill essential life skills that pave the way for a bright future.

    Discover the multitude of benefits awaiting your child on the dance floor:

    • Release anxiety through the joy of movement.
    • Cultivate creativity and a thirst for learning.
    • Build unwavering confidence and resilience.
    • Learn discipline, commitment, and the value of teamwork.
    • Forge enduring friendships that span beyond the studio.
    • Hone organizational, time management, and multitasking abilities.

    So, is your child merely learning to dance, or are they dancing to learn?  Did you know that Classical Ballet isn't just about graceful moves and elegant positions? It turns out, it's like a secret workout for the brain! That's right, studies suggest that the cognitive pathways involved in classical ballet are similar to those used in written expression. So, if your child dives into ballet, they might just find themselves acing those school assignments as well!

    At Dancehouse, we foster an environment where happiness, joy, and creativity flourish. Our focus is on creating a safe, positive space where encouragement and praise propel our dancers forward.

    We understand the importance of cherishing childhood, which is why every costume, choreography, and musical selection is meticulously curated to ensure age-appropriate content. Because childhood is a precious stage that passes all too swiftly.

    Join the ranks of our proud dancers who have achieved remarkable success. Many of our students have participated in prestigious programs such as the Australian Ballet School's Interstate Training Program, while others have pursued full-time dance training at renowned institutions like QDSE, QUT, WAAPA, Brent Street, Transit Dance and more.

    At Dancehouse, we believe in crafting not just dancers, but also happy memories. Witness your child shine brightly as they embark on their dance journey with us.