• Everyone knows core strength is important. Advanced dancers know that it is absolutely vital to have superior core strength be able to perform multiple turns, balance in beautiful adages or even leap into the air with ease. A dancer performing a layout without superior strength in their core could land on their head.

    But who wants to do hundreds of crunches....ouch or hold planks forever (actually some kids love doing this) and they are a really effective exercise..........but wouldn't you prefer to have fun and hula hoop.

    Yay! One of the best ways I know for kids to build core strength and they love it. Hula Hoops, they cost next to nothing and are available at most chain stores. And when kids are hooping they all have the biggest smiles.

    If you can hoop to the right, try hooping to the left. Can you walk as you hoop? Can you grapevine as you hoop? Can you bring the hoop back up as it's going down? Can you perform plies as you hoop? Or lunges? There's so many variations and it's a fabulous workout.

    So go get yourself a hoop and start building that core strength!