• 2022 Dancehouse Timetable
  • Name of ClassClass times
    Ready Set Move with me8:00am Saturday
    Ready Set Ballet L19:45am Tuesday or 9:00am Saturday
    Ready Set Ballet L23:30pm Tuesday or 11:00am Saturday
    Ready Set Dance L110:30am Tuesday or 9:45am Saturday
    Ready Set Dance L211:45am Saturday
    Little Monkeys Circus L19:15am Thursday
    Little Monkeys Circus L24:30pm Wednesday
    Dance Cirque Primary5:15pm Wednesday
    Dance Cirque High School6:15pm Wednesday
    Level 1 Ballet4:15pm Tuesday or 9:00am Saturday
    Level 2 Ballet5:00pm Tuesday
    Bronze Medal Ballet4:15pm Tuesday & 4:15pm Thursday
    Bronze Star Ballet5:45pm Tuesday & 4:30pm Friday
    Silver Star Ballet5:30pm Tuesday & 6:30pm Thursday
    Gold Star Ballet7:00pm Tuesday & 7:00pm Friday
    Diamond Ballet 3:00pm Thursday & 1:00pm Saturday
    Pointe Class8:15pm Tuesday
    Level 1 Performing Arts9:45am Saturday
    Level 2 Performing Arts3:30pm Friday
    Bronze Medal Performing Arts 5:15pm Thursday
    Bronze Star Performing Arts 5:45pm Friday
    Silver Performing Arts 7:30pm Thursday
    Gold & Diamond Performing Arts 7:30pm Wednesday