• Dance and Circus and Ballet classes for children from 2 to 5 years of age

  • little ballerina
  • A magical, imaginative dance and ballet class together with your Mummy or carer dancing by your side.

    Each one of our classes is themed with a favourite storybook and concept.  We start at the beginning with warming up and recognising body parts, do some basic ballet exercises and become creative moving and making different shapes, showing emotions, levels and dynamics to tell a story with our bodies.  

    For 2 year olds until they're ready for independent learning.

  • READY SET DANCE is a combo class that includes JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP, SINGING and MUSIC! One whole hour of FUN for girls and boys.
    •  JAZZ – Develop muscle strength, control and balance and achieve coordination milestones like skipping before going to school.
    • HIP HOP – Bust out some ice cold moves just like Freeze to our original hip hop tracks.
    • MUSIC. – Develop the musical ear, dynamics and tempo while having fun with instruments and the parachute.
    • SINGING – Sing like Twirl and build confidence singing on the microphone
    • TAP – Learn the fundamentals of tap in a playful and creative way splashing in puddles and shuffling like a penguin.

    All these ingredients together create a super hour of fun!

  • READY SET BALLET is a 30 minute Magical Ballet Experience for Preschoolers.
  •  Twirl our mascot will lead our little dancers through each step of the class as they learn the fundamentals of ballet.

    • MUSIC – Engage in specifically designed music that captures the beauty of classical ballet
    • CURRICULUM – Develop coordination, body awareness, strength and flexibility both through visual and auditory instruction.
    • MIME – Explore creativity and gain confidence by going on a picnic with FREEZE and TWIRL, riding the tutu train to storybook lane and so much more.
    • THEMED DANCES – Learn the beautifully themed dances that have music prompts to support preschooler’s playful participation.
    • PROPS – Have fun twirling with rainbow ribbons, swaying with feathers and popping bubbles. These resources support tactile awareness and strengthen fine motor coordination and control


  • Little Monkeys Circus Classes for Creating Confident Kids
  • Roll up!  Roll up!  We’re extremely excited to announce that this year we’ll be introducing a new and exciting preschool program into our curriculum called Little Monkeys especially for those kids that love hanging around!

    The Little Monkeys Circus Classes are super fun. Your little one will gain confidence and learn new skills. Classes include:-

    • Basic tumbling
    • Interactive circuits
    • Balance beams
    • Silks
    • Juggling
    • Hula hoops and more
    • One teacher to every 6 Little Monkeys.
  • My daughter, was just 2 when we first introduced her to Dancehouse. Although she was a little dubious about the class to start with and required lots of cuddles and reassuring, she started to grow in confidence and ability. Asha, who has now turned 3 years, absolutely loves it!
    It develops her coordination, concentration and imagination with dancing, story telling and apparatus. It has been a real pleasure to watch her and the other children in the class grow in confidence and ability as the year has passed.
    I highly recommend Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet to anyone as a fun and beneficial activity for little children. And I recommend Dancehouse as a whole to children of any level to help teach respect, team work, commitment and an all round love of dance.
    Kat Jones, Parent

  • Younger children.   Share a special time with your child, introducing them to the magical, make-believe world of Fairytale Ballet.  When they are ready and can take a class independently, they can move into the Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet or the Little Monkeys.

  • Suitable forClassDayTime
    2 yearsMummy & MeWednesday9:15am
    Mummy & MeSaturday8:30am
    Kindy Kids Ready Set Ballet L1Tuesday9:15am
    Ready Set Dance L1Tuesday10:00am
    Little Monkeys Circus L1Wednesday10:00am
    Ready Set Ballet L1Saturday9:15am
    Ready Set Dance L1Saturday9:45am
    4 or 5 yearsLittle Monkeys Circus L2Wednesday10:45am
    Ready Set Ballet L1/2Thursday9:15am
    Ready Set Dance L1/2Thursday10:00am
    PrepsReady Set Ballet L2Tuesday4:00pm
    Little Monkeys Circus L2Wednesday3:30pm
    Ready Set Dance L2Thursday3:30pm
    Ready Set Ballet L2Saturday11:00am
    Ready Set Dance L2Saturday11:30am
  • Dance Class Class LengthTerm of 10 wks
    Mummy & Me30 minutes$130
    Ready Set Ballet30 minutes$130
    Little Monkeys45 minutes$160
    Ready Set Dance60 minutes$190
    Annual Registration Fee$35
  • DiscountsPackage DealTerm Price
    DCB Pre-school Package RSDance & Little Monkeys & RSBallet classes$420
    Early Bird Discount*Pay in advance by Semester (2 Terms)10%
  • All Inclusive Pricing includes: your dance class tuition, special members only events, all concert  performance rehearsals, costume hire for the Dancehouse concert and costume hire for any Dancehouse community performances, concert action photos, access to the concert performance videos. 

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