• Uniforms

  • Ready Set Dance Tutu dress worn for Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet
  • Preschool Leotard Dancewear Sale
    Turquoise Leotard Levels 1, 2 & 3 for Ballet, Jazz & Tap


  • Leotard Dancewear Sale Cairns


    Senior Ballet Leotard worn by the Shining Stars, for ballet. "Paradise" in black by Bloch.
  • Jazz Leotard Dancewear Sale
    Double Strap Leotard worn for Contemporary and from Bronze Medal Jazz and Silver Medal Tap
  • Ballet Skirt Little Class Sale
    L1 Ballet Skirt. The longer skirt is to train the arms in demi-seconde position
  • Skirt Tulle Ballet Dance
    L2 - SS Ballet Skirts
  • Ballet Skirt Class Sale
    GM - Adv Ballet Skirts
  • Ballet Class Tutu
    GM - Adv Black half tutu
  • Jazz Dancewear Sale Cairns

    Jazz & Tap Shorts - all levels

  • Contemporary Pants Dancewear Cairns

    Contemporary Leggings

  • Dance Class Sock
  • Dancewear Sale Tan Tight

    Tan Tights for Jazz, Tap & Ready Set Classes

  • Tights Dancewear Sale Cairns

    "Salmon Pink" Tights for Ballet

  • Ballet Class Shoe

    Junior Ballet Shoe   Preferred shoe Bloch "Dansoft" Full Sole Ballet Shoe

  • Dancewear Sale Shop

    Senior Ballet Shoe Preferred shoe Bloch "Pro-Lite 11" Split-Sole Ballet Shoe for Silver Medal Students upwards.

  • Tap Class Shoe

    Junior Tap Shoe Preferred shoe Slick Dance Low-heeled Tap Shoe

  • Tap Shoe Dance Sale

    Shining Stars Tap  Preferred show Bloch "Showstopper" Medium-Heeled Tap Shoe for students from Gold Medal upwards

  • Bloch Elasta Bootie

    Jazz Class Shoe

    Jazz Shoe for all Jazz Students in Tan

  • Bloch Chord Shoe

    Dance Class Shoe

    For Jazz students from Elementary upwards

  • Foot Undez

    Contemporary Dancewear Class Sale

    Optional for Contemporary Students

  • European Balance

    Pointe Shoe Class Dancewear Sale

    Preferred Pointe Shoe