• Rising Stars

    Dance Classes Cairns


    You're a Rising Star if you are at least 9 years old by June 30th or if you have completed ATOD Level 3.
  • Ballet

    ing Stars study the Bronze and Silver levels of ballet. The basic concepts should be all established and we begin more complex adage sequences, more challenging jumps and pirouettes. The fun really begins now!
    Silver ballet students can add the conditioning class, to improve strength and turnout.


  • Jazz

    The Jazz Moves classes will increase stamina with challenging cardio routines, develop strength and improve flexibility. You'll learn multiple turning variations, conquer energetic leaps and fabulous dance routines. Wow! Bring your energy to this class.  
    Ballet training will enable students to reach a higher level in their Jazz Turns and Leaps.
  • Contemporary

    Contemporary Dance Class Cairns
    Your chance to explore your creativity.  To enrol in Level 1 Contemporary classes, you need to be at least 10 years old and also be taking Bronze Star ballet or above.
  • Tap Dance

    Tap Shoe Dance Sale
    Make music with your feet to the fabulous Tapatak Oz rhythms. The rhythms become more complex and the steps just keep getting faster and faster.
  • How to enrol in classes at Dancehouse

    Please have a good look around our website, there should be answers to all your questions.  The timetable can be found at the bottom of each page and there are seperate timetables for each age group.  Press the next page button and you will be taken around the whole website, so you can see our class descriptions, our policies, uniform requirements, teachers and a gallery of performance pictures. 
    Once you have made a decision you can press one of the enrol now buttons to go to the Dancehouse parent portal, once you enter your details as a parent and your child's name and date of birth, you will be shown all the classes, your child could do.  There is a link to a video at the top of the page where I walk you through the enrollment process.
  • All Inclusive Pricing Your class package includes your dance class tuition, access to the practice portal, special members only events, all concert performance rehearsals, costume hire for the Dancehouse concert and costume hire for any Dancehouse community performances, concert group photos and in 2018 access to Concert Videos.  See your Dance Journey Booklet for all inclusions. 

    Payment of Dance Fees This year our fees remain the same but, we have changed our payment policies. To make it easier for you, we are now accepting regular installments through Autopay. There are 40 weeks of dance classes in 2018 and your dance fees will be automatically deducted from your nominated credit card in 10 equal payments on the 1st of each month from February to November. More details in the Parent Handbook. Once you enrol in classes, Dance Studio-Pro will calculate your family's dance package payment amount. 

  • 4 Week Package Total Weekly Class Hours
    $721 hour per week
    $1081½ hours per week
    $1442 hours per week
    $1802½ hours per week
    $2163 hours per week
    $2764 hours per week
    $3365 hours per week
    $35 Annual Registration Fee
    WelcomeGift for all Dancers