• Gold & Diamond Dancers

    Ballet Pointe Class Cairns

    If you've passed the Silver Star Level exams and you're looking forward to starting Pointe, you're a Gold Level Dancer.  Diamonds it's your time to Shine as you tackle the Major work.

  • Ballet

    Ballet is the favourite subject at Dancehouse. The classical technique should be all well understood and firmly established in the body.  Students should be excited by the challenge of more advanced adage sequences, multiple pirouettes, battery and grand allegro. You will sweat, some days you will want to cry, other days you will be flying on air, it is getting difficult but the rewards and sense of achievement make it so worth while.
    As well as the set syllabus ballet classes, will take Open Ballet classes.  These classes are based on a ballet companies' daily class and has different music and different steps every time it meets.  This challenges the brain and improves technique.
    Diamonds will also be given exercises from PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) class.  At this level you need to be continually improving their strength and turnout.  Please note, contrary to common practice, strength must come before flexibility.
    Also included with the Ballet classes will be some of the ATOD Contemporary Dance work.  Contemporary Dance is your chance to explore your creativity.  We'll take a theme or concept and explore how you can move to convey the idea and tell the story.  Improvisation and self choreography are an important part of a contemporary dance class and students need to learn to "let go" and be confident with their own interpretation of the music and the theme.  
  • Pointe

    Ballet Class Cairns Smithfield

    By invitation only.  We are conservative, with who we let dance "en pointe" There are number of criteria that students need to meet to be able to begin pointe classes.  We require a minimum of 4 years of classes, to have attained at least Gold Medal and usually Gold Star standard, an absolute minimum of 2 ballet classes including conditioning each week, you must demonstrate a physical maturity (your bones age at the same rate - regardless of your level of dancing), you must pass a number of strength and balance tests, you must be injury free and you must complete the pre-pointe program.

  • Performing Arts

    The ATOD Jazz Moves classes will increase stamina with challenging cardio routines, develop strength and improve flexibility. You'll learn multiple turning variations, conquer energetic leaps and study fabulous dance routines. We'll explore work from different eras and routines with various different styles.  Be prepared for some self choreography. Better bring lots of energy to this class.  Students will also need to be taking ballet classes to be able to perform the jazz work to the level required.Make music with your feet with the fabulous Tapatak Oz rhythms. Tapatak Oz is a uniquely Australian system of tap dance training, where you are encouraged to have fun and add your own creative percussive touches and improvised introductions.   The set work becomes more  challenging as the rhythms become more complex and the steps just keep getting faster and faster and faster.

  • Dance Class Tuition Term
    Diamond Ballet 3 classes per week $650
    Gold Ballet 2 classes per week $400
    Pointe $190
    Gold Performing Arts $210
    Annual Registration Fee $35
  • DiscountsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5
    Child 110%10%20%
    Child 210% 10%20%20%
    Child 310%10%20%20%20%
    Early Bird Discount*Semester 20 wks10%
  • All Inclusive Pricing includes: your dance class tuition, special members only events, all concert  performance rehearsals, costume hire for the Dancehouse concert and costume hire for any Dancehouse community performances, concert action photos, access to the concert performance videos. 

    The Registration Fee covers: administration, music royalty fees, a practice and inspiration portal, and a beautiful medal for all concert participants.

    *Early Bird Discounts apply to those tuition fees paid by in full, by bank deposit, prior to the start of each Semester 20 Weeks.

    Dancehouse Policies  Be sure to check our Policies to make sure we're on the same page.