• Inspiration, Creativity & Growth

    At Dancehouse we share the love and joy of dance.  We support, encourage, inspire and celebrate creativity in children.  Giving them the confidence to be original, inventive and resourceful.  Our valued students take classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary Dance.  And our very youngest students have our magical pre-school programs.

    Dancehouse classes particularly classical ballet, will change the shape of your child's body.  Muscles will develop differently with dance training.  A dedicated dance student will grow beautiful, lean, muscular legs, shaped and toned arms, a strong core and supple back.  Dancing on stage will give them the ability to perform with confidence and poise in situations where you could otherwise be feeling nervous. Dance examinations and the preparation of working towards one, will teach your child, time management, focus and perseverance.  Being part of a performance group will teach team work and becoming dependable and reliable.

    Our dance classes are taught using encouragement and praise. And we respect your child's right to be a child.  We do not put children in provocative costumes and all choreography and music for classes and performance pieces are age appropriate. Children grow up fast enough.

    There has been a number of Dancehouse students take part in the Australian Ballet School's Interstate Training Program for talented dancers and former Dancehouse students have gone on to full-time dance training at QDSE, QUT, WAAPA, Atelier Australia, Ecole, Qld National Ballet, Brent Street and Transit Dance.  More importantly, we are happy to say, after training at Dancehouse, all our dancers Shine Brightly.